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Gensoukyou is holding its first poetry festival in a long time. Help Kasen defend the festival from evildoers!

Controls / コントロール

Z        Shot/Confirm
X        Back
Shift    Slow movement
Esc    Pause/Unpause
Ctrl    Skip dialogue

Zキー        ショット、決定
Xキー        キャンセル
shiftキー    低速移動
escキー    ポーズ、ポーズ解除
ctrlキー    メッセージスキップ

How to Play / 遊び方

This is a scene-based game like Shoot the Bullet. Each scene has a set of challenges. (For example, "social distance from the boss", "you cannot move left/right")
To unlock boss spellcards, clear the boss introduction.
To unlock the boss conclusion, clear at least one challenge on each of the boss' spellcards.
To unlock the next introduction, clear the previous introduction.


For people with slow computers / パソコンの重い方へ
If you do not have a dedicated GPU, turn shaders OFF in the pause menu.
If the game is slow, turn the resolution down in the pause menu.
If you cannot see the danmaku, or all the danmaku are in the center of the screen, turn "Legacy Renderer" to ON in the pause menu.
弾幕が見えなければ、それとも弾幕がすべてスクリーンの真ん中にあれば、Pauseメニューで「Legacy Renderer」のオプションを「ON」にしてください。

This game is built in **Danmokou**, a danmaku (bullet hell) engine in C# for Unity. It is free (as in free speech) software, licensed under MIT. The source code is on Github: https://github.com/Bagoum/danmokou See the COPYING and COPYING.SiMP files in this folder, or in the source code, for licenses on third party assets.

Game by Bagoum and music by Miles Yalzin.

See the COPYING files for a full list of licenses and credits. Here are the most important:

- Dialogue sprites/cutins by Kaoru (Kasen) and Dairi (all the rest)
- Sagume boss sprite by Kirbio
- Background images (main menu, loading screen, scene level) by Yosa Buson

There are a lot of poetry references in this game. Here are their sources:

- Saki's poem is Lycidas by John Milton (Japanese: http://www.ed.oita-u.ac.jp/kykenkyu/bulletin/kiyou/inamochi31-2.pdf), with modifications
- Sagume's poems are, in order, by:
  - Aoyagi Fey
  - Matsuo Bashou (tl. Reginald Horace Blyth, and then a jokey modification)
  - Matsuo Bashou (tl. Tim Chilcott)
  - Kasen's response: Matsuo Bashou (tl. Makoto Ueda)
  - Matsuo Bashou (tl. Sam Hamill)
- Tokiko's poems are, in order, by:
  - Matsuo Bashou (tl. Akmakjian 1979, and then a personal translation)
  - Shuson Kato (tl. Fay Aoyagi)
  - Matsuo Bashou (tl. Haruo Shirane)
- Tokiko's two lines about haikai are by Matsuo Bashou, (tl. Hiroaki Sato in One Hundred Frogs), with modifications

- The spellcard names are references as well:
  - The Road Not Taken -- Robert Frost
  - Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright -- William Blake
  - Cycle and Epicycle, Orb in Orb -- Paradise Lost by John Milton
  - Form of a Wing Scattered Away -- Iroha
  - Birds Singing in the Dark -- Rainy Dawn -- Jack Kerouac
  - 旅烏古巣は梅になりにけり -- Matsuo Bashou


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