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This is **Purple Heart Paradox**, a small Touhou-fangame visual novel about wandering through Yukari's dreams. It was made for Touhou Jam 8: https://itch.io/jam/touhou-jam-8 . It's primarily a proof of concept for ADV-style visual novel games.

Please contact me (Bagoum#4773) on Discord for feedback or anything else.

This game was developed using Suzunoya, a visual novel engine, and Danmokou, a bullet hell engine. Click on "Licenses" from the main menu ingame to view licenses.



- Confirm/Skip: Z or Enter or left click

- Back: X or right click

- Navigate menus: Arrow keys or mouse

Note that scrolling behavior is currently a bit buggy, so scrolling with the mouse wheel will move EXTREMELY slowly. Please use the arrow keys or the scrollbar on the side instead.

Install instructions

You can download and execute this through the Itch.io app.

For manual Windows installation: Extract the zip file onto your hard drive and run Danmokou.exe.

If you have any issues, please message me on Discord at Bagoum#4773. If you'd like a Mac or Linux build, message me on Discord and I can probably make one.


PurpleHeart_v1.zip 86 MB

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